About Jaime

Jaime began his life as a stringer photographer and pre-press color corrector in the newspaper industry, hoping to someday travel the world for National Geographic. He accidentally fell into the commercial advertising world when he was asked to be an assistant early in his career and fell in love with creating images for clients. Jaime worked as an assistant and shooting editorials until a still young Urban Outfitters asked him to come aboard. After a few amazing years there Jaime knew that he happiest working on diverse projects that only life as a freelance photographer could offer. Today as a successful fashion and tabletop photographer, with clients such as DKNY, Free People, Science Magazine, eBay, Lacoste, and People Magazine, Jaime is known for his ability to bring to life the unique character of each of his subjects. Like his idol Helmut Newton, he plays the role of a professional ‘hired gun,’ bringing with him the highest level of creativity, energy and photographic experience to every single assignment. Jaime will do anything in his power to make sure a client is amazed at the result. He views a limited budget not an impediment to producing stunning images, but an excuse to be more innovative. Jaime loves all projects large and small and lives by one of his favorite quotes: “close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.” Simply put he will not allow sub-par work to leave the studio even if he has to work through the night to make it happen.